2022, Week 11: When Hormones Take Over

Phew, this has been a busy week.

And yet I barely took any pictures of it.


Let’s start with the good stuff

A lot of celebrating took place. Not only was it my dad’s birthday on St Patrick’s Day, it was also my cousin’s birthday, LINOS’s grandparents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary, a friend of his’ birthday, plus mine and LINOS’s official six-month anniversary.

All in a week!

You’d expect a lot of feelings from all that, right?

All you pretty much need to know (without really knowing anyone involved), is there were a lot of dinners, a lot of gifts, a lot of tears, and quite definitely a little too much alcohol. (For the sake of those involved, I can’t expand much more on that.)

And, considering a lot of joyous and momentous life events took place straight one after the other, you’d expect a lot of joy and existentialist thinking to have gone on. A fair amount of emotion is supposed to be involved in all that, yeah? Healthy, even.

*Cue nervous and somewhat awkward laughter*

I have been on an emotional train this week. Outside of ALL those events, I’ve visited every dang stop on the emotion tour. At incredibly random and illogical times.

From bursting into tears for no apparent reason whatsoever, to pure elation over cauliflower, to one serious, serious fit of meltdown rage (rather luckily I was alone at the time of said rage, so no relationships were harmed during said meltdown – my kitchen, on the other hand, cannot claim as such) – my emotions have been lighting up like an airport switch board all week.

I also nearly hurled my guts up during a regular training run, so I’ve been affected physically as well as mentally.

Women just be crazy though, right?

I’ve never been the most “stable” person with their emotions, and I’m loathe to always chalk it down to “women reasons”. There’s a lot that goes into what you’re feeling besides your hormones – things like your length and quality of sleep, your diet, even your habits and surroundings, all input to how you perceive the world.

But even so, my mood isn’t usually quite this random and volatile – there’s usually a gentle slope up and down, and you can often find some kind of legitimate reason within the general vicinity for whatever’s going on.

This week though, the moments have just been random. And fierce. And quick.

Something atypical must be going on to cause this, I figured.

And then I remembered.

selective focus photography of pin

Don’t come at me for this…

After years and years of swearing I would never ever go on hormonal birth control, I recently started taking one.

I know there’s a lot of controversy over hormonal birth control, and I still wasn’t wholly comfortable with agreeing to it (I’m still not, tbh), but for personal reasons, I’m on a trial with one. It made the most sense, for me, at this time.

But then it also makes sense that my hormones are a little off. I mean, I’ve been throwing a bunch of extra artificial ones into my system – things need to settle, right?

I’m hoping that’s all it is.

Alternative options?

Whether everything settles down or not, I’d be interested to hear if anyone has advice on alternative options. If things don’t settle down, I definitely won’t be continuing with this current method after I’ve completed the trial period. Even if things do, I’m still not entirely comfortable about playing with synthetic hormones.

I’ve always been very intrigued about using basal body temperature methods for birth control, though not sure if it’ll suit all my needs right at this moment. I’m also not sure if I trust it. Does it really work? I’d love some comments from anyone who has any experience with it.

Here comes the sun

In other news, SPRING finally seems to be arriving here in the UK.

I went for a 6am run on Sunday and got to spend an hour with the newborn sun on quiet, empty roads – it was the perfect start to the day.

I know a lot of people don’t equate “running” with “perfect start”, especially if you have to get up early for it, but I honestly recommend trying getting outside first thing in the morning. Even if it’s just for a short walk, it really does something to your mood when you’ve been out with the sun when it’s all fresh and quiet and new.

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