Gift Ideas for a Book Lover or Writer

gift ideas for a book lover or writer

Looking for gift ideas for a book lover or writer?

Don’t worry – I got you covered.

As both a book lover and a writer, here are suggestions for gifts that are sure to go down well:

Your favourite non-fiction book

The right non-fiction book can change someone’s life. Seriously. Most book lovers have read that one self-help book that completely changed the way they see the world – imagine being able to gift that to someone.

Think back to books that made a huge impact on you, and gift it to a loved one. Though you might only be physically giving them a book, you don’t know how much it could change their entire life.

A beautiful notebook

I guarantee you a writer will love a good notebook. It’s something in the DNA – the writing gene is paired with the stationery appreciation gene.

Any decent notebook – particularly one with an intriguing cover, or gorgeous binding (yes, writers will fawn over binding, so forget spiral-bound here) – is likely to be a huge hit.

Reading journal

Second to actually reading a book, book lovers will usually love to talk about a book. Keeping a note of the books they’ve read (and their thoughts around them) can be an extra way to get even more out of reading.

There are plenty of reading journals around these days. Try something like this, or possibly look around your local book or stationery store.

A book they want to read

I feel this is a really obvious choice of gift, but it’s so rarely used!

A book lover almost definitely has a wishlist of books they want to read – simply get them one or two from that list. (Hint: Goodreads or Amazon wishlists are good places to try if you don’t want to flat out ask.)

You know that saying ‘you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that’s pretty much the same thing’? Trust me – very little makes a book lover happier than receiving a book they’re excited to read.

A Line A Day Journal

Writers generally do a lot of writing, but often very little about themselves.

These line-a-day journals only take about five minutes to fill in, but they’re brilliant to look back on. They also give a writer an easy way to ‘warm up’ before their ‘official’ writing of the day commences!

There’s several versions of these floating around online now – try searching ‘line a day journal’ or ‘five year journal’.

A print from their favourite novel

These days, it’s easy to get prints of pretty much anything. Try looking for posters made from the words of an entire novel (like this), or a quote from your gift recipient’s favourite book (like this).

You can even get list-type posters of books to read (like this).

Book reader or writer merch

Smaller sellers (like those on Etsy) offer lots of options for products that show someone’s love of reading or writing.

Try a tote bag, or mug, or even a t-shirt, with a funny or endearing slogan on. Your book lover or writer will probably love any of those!

Not only does it show you really know your gift recipient and thought about what they like, but you’ll also be supporting a small seller (if you buy from Etsy or similar).

Gift vouchers

If all else fails, you can’t go too far wrong with a gift voucher. To show you’ve still thought about your loved one and what they like, try getting a voucher for a book store – or even book tokens (which can be spent at almost any book store).

Those are just some gift ideas for a book lover or writer. Hopefully at least one of those will work for you and your needs! And if none of those are suitable but did inspire a different gift idea, please let me know what it is in the comments – I have a lot of book-loving friends, so I’m always looking for new ideas!

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