January Pep Talk – Dream Big

New year. Brand shiny new hopes and dreams and goals.

I’m not one of those people who think you have to wait until a new year to set a goal. Set those things on any random Wednesday, for all the fanfare they need – why wait?!

However, when the new year does come around, it feels all clean slate-y and momentous for making some *big* new goals then too. And why waste that opportunity?

Normally around this time, everyone’s throwing out all these resolutions and huge plans they want to accomplish, and then you get all those media posts telling you to take it easy on yourself, to not put too much pressure on, to pick manageable goals that you can actually achieve.

You’re not getting that here.

Dreams shouldn’t be realistic. Why make a realistic dream? That’s not inspiring! I think it might also be an oxymoron. 

I say dream as big as you can and see how close you can get. Even if you don’t make it, you’re still likely to achieve more than if you’d completed a small “manageable” goal.

When someone said they wanted to send humans into space, do you think it seemed realistic or manageable to build a ship, fill it with rocket fuel and then launch it off our planet into the vacuum of space? With people inside of it?! Then get it to land on the moon, lift back off and come home. Without killing the people inside of it?!

Dream as huge as your imagination will possibly go. Your goals should inspire you, not set you up for mediocrity. Forget limitations. Forget realism. Dream the most crazy of dreams and see how close you can get. After all, wouldn’t you rather see just how high you can go, than limit yourself before you even start? Wouldn’t you regret not trying?

It’s all in the journey anyway – the destination just gives you a reason to go.

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