May 2022 Wallpapers for your desktop and phone

Looking for May 2022 wallpapers to freshen your desktop or phone?

I’ve got you covered.

The Theme for May 2022 Wallpapers

May starts the middle third of the year – and how slightly concerning is that?!

But it also means we’re well into the start of Spring, meaning fresh fruit, blossoming flowers, lighter evenings, baby animals, and hopefully (I pray) some heat!

So, for May’s wallpaper, I figured baby pink and bright flowers were somewhat appropriate. (I mean, I’d use pink and flowers every day of the week, but I feel they’re actually justified around this time of year.)

Your May 2022 Wallpaper Options

Below you’ll find three desktop wallpapers (for your computer) and three corresponding ones for your phone. But feel free to mix and match!

The first one is the main wallpaper – the pink and flowers we discussed.

Second is a simple black and white option, if you don’t want any frills or fuss.

The third is an inspiring quote option, featuring a mix of elements from the previous two.

May 2022 Wallpapers


I hope you love and enjoy using these wallpapers in May. And check back at the end of the month for new June wallpapers!

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