May Pep Talk – You Are The First Of Your Kind

Every month I write a pep talk to (hopefully) inspire, motivate, or pick you up if you’re feeling down. Think of it as both nurturing encouragement and your ‘kick up the butt’ to get going on your goals or dreams (or just help you feel good).

There are over seven billion humans on this planet. And there were billions more before that. And yet every single person is the very first.

You are the first of your kind.

Everyone always talks about following in someone else’s footsteps, or learning from the masters, or not wanting to become like someone else. And that’s all well and good, to a point.

However, a version of you has never existed before. That means there is no mould to fill. No box to tick. No path all laid out. You get to choose and create every single part of your life exactly how you want to – because there is no right or wrong way to do it. Only your way.

It’s easy to get caught up in what we should be doing or should have already done or what we’re supposed to think or believe. But there is no timeline for life. There’s no script or milestone markers or any of that stuff society and social media would have you believe. There is today, and there is whatever you want to do with it.

Just really think about it for a moment. You don’t have to squeeze yourself into any kind of expectation. You don’t have to achieve certain things by a certain point. You don’t even have to think about anything you don’t want to. You get to choose it all. Every single tiny thing. And you should feel completely okay about doing that.

And it’s easy to say and harder to do. People have overbearing parents with wild expectations. People have responsibilities and biological clocks and physical circumstances that might not let them forge forward the way they’d like.

But it also is as easy as saying every choice you make is your own. Each way you decide to deal with whatever comes at you is up to you. There is no opinion that “fits” you. There’s no attitude you’re supposed to fill. Make every choice the way you want to make it and don’t allow anyone to let you feel bad about it. Don’t even waste time thinking about what any else is thinking about your choices.

Because you are the first of your kind. No one else truly knows your life like you do. They don’t know your history or your thoughts or your plans. You don’t need to feel bad about what you have or haven’t done – as long as you’re staying true to yourself*.
(*I mean, strive to be a good human – I feel that goes without saying.)

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone like you. You are fresh out of the freaking box! So go show the world what you bring to it. Have the courage to own who you are and what you’re about. And don’t worry about whatever kind of mould anyone else wants to put you in.

You can’t be contained. You’ve got your own, brand new and original light to shine.

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