There’s Never A Perfect Time

This week’s pep talk somewhat follows on from last week’s (Don’t Wait Until You’re 90 – in which I yelled at people about not being bats, so go give that a read if that sounds like something you’d be into).

It’s something you’ve probably heard a zillion times before, but it is so true and so often continuously ignored that I’m telling you again.

If you’re waiting for the right time, or your life to be less busy, or something else to happen first, or until x/y/z has occurred, or for it/you to just feel like it’s the perfect time – listen to me when I say you will be waiting for the rest of your life.

Look around: this is life. There is no perfect time. Every time is just now. This moment. This is all we truly have, and this is all that truly exists. Right now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Now.

I do get that sometimes it just seems impractical to do something right now – if it does happen to be a busy period or something huge is going on in your life right now, it might almost make sense to wait. Just a little bit, until that period has passed.

But that is a mistake. Sure, it may make sense on paper, and you might be thinking but it’s only a few weeks or whatever. But you don’t have a few weeks to spare. Every moment of your life is precious – you should have no time to spare or delay ever.

And what happens after those few weeks? You will either: A – decide you need a really quick break, to recover from your previously busy period before you get busy again starting whatever you were putting off. Or B – something else will have come up that requires your attention instead. And do you know what usually happens after A anyway? B.

So when I tell you there will be no perfect time – there will be no perfect time. And let me put it another way: what’s a better time – one where that thing you want to do happens, or where it doesn’t? Doing something, whether it’s perfect or messy or somewhere in-between, is always better than not doing that thing at all. Because otherwise (and I refer you to my Don’t Wait Until You’re 90 talk) you wake up at 90 and that thing never happened at all. Ever.

And it’s not the perfect time. You might be busy, you might be scared, you might want to research or check or prepare yourself in some way first. Don’t. Just jump. It’s all brand new anyway, so unless you can read the future, you don’t know what’s going to happen – you don’t know what will make something the perfect time.

The perfect time is when it happens. Everything after will work itself out.

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