You Are Everything

That stupid giant voice inside your head that makes you doubt yourself or feel insecure in anyway, about anything?

Tell it to go and fork itself. Somewhere far away outside your head.

We’ve somehow come to exist in a world where we can compare ourselves to half the Earth’s population through the click of a button and a few thumb slides, and where we are simultaneously expected to achieve everything, while keeping ourselves and our environments always looking perfect, and to do it all flawlessly. (And to shout about it just enough to let everyone know this, but not enough so that we still seem modest – but that’s a talk for another day.)

There’s enough media presence now that, whether you go looking for it or not, it seeps in to make us question whether we or what we’re doing is enough. It seems the evolutionary trait that propelled the human race to advance to where we are right now – to always go looking for and expecting more – it also directing us to a place where we’ll self-destruct.

If we let it.

I know words are easier to read and write than to feel and believe, but I want you to zero in on this next sentence, and believe every word of it with your entire mind and heart.

You are everything.

You are everything you need to be. You are everything the world wants you to be. You are everything you could ever ask of yourself. You do not need to change. You do not need to be more. You are absolutely everything, right now. The universe brought forth forces and statistics so ridiculous they should make our tiny human minds explode so that you, exactly as you, can be reading this right now. You are unique, and that makes you special, and the fact that you are you makes you everything.

So please believe me. You are everything.

Don’t ever doubt it for a nanosecond.

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